Mining Sunrise Ending, Mining High Noon Starting Friday, Sept 14

** ANNOUNCEMENT: Mining Sunrise Ending Thursday September 13th at block 176000. Mining High Noon Starting Sept 14, Friday, 1pm EST**

After a very valuable 2 months of testing (involving over 29,000,000 PoP transactions on tBTC which paid fees in excess of 100,000 tBTC), we will be ending our Mining Sunrise phase and moving into our next phase: “Mining High Noon,” prior to our MainNet launch. A big thank you to the tBTC community and faucets for the high PoP load.

VeriBlock Testnet will be reset with a new genesis block, with all balances being moved over.
– All balances as of block 176000 will be moved over.
– We anticipate this block to occur around Thursday Sept 13th between noon and 3pm EST. Mining Sunrise effectively ends as of this block.
– From this time, until “Mining High Noon” is kicked off, essentially mining will be down.

Mining High Noon will kick off on Sept 14, Friday, 1pm EST.

PoP will now mine to BTC MainNet, it will no longer mine to BTC testnet. This means it will take real BTC to mine for PoP.

We appreciate the valuable testing that Bitcoin testnet has enabled us to do, and look forward to giving back to the Bitcoin testnet community to keep this amazing resource available for other projects of all types in the future.

A new 0.3.0 release will be shipped on Github, and everyone will need to upgrade. An upgrade should involve just downloading the latest NodeCore, importing/copying over your previous wallet, and running. As the blockchain will be reset, there will be no bootstrapping file or 170,000+ blocks to sync.

Can I still use my accrued tBTC to PoP after block 175500 (500 blocks before the 176000 official end, because PoP takes 500 blocks for payout to finalize)?

No. We suggest you donate any tBTC back to a BTC TestNet fountain.

Can I still mine on VeriBlock TestNet after block 176000 and prior to High Noon?

Short answer: No.
Long answer: As the VeriBlock Mining Sunrise network is decentralized, we will not (and can not) take it down. As a result, mining will still technically work, but coins mined or transferred in those blocks will not be moved over, so best to save your hashing power and effort, and donate your tBTC back to one of the fountains.