How to Get VBK


VeriBlock (VBK) coins can be bought and sold on exchanges, or earned from (lightweight) PoP mining, (GPU-based) PoW mining, running a PoW pool for the community, or through our bounty program. Altchain PoP miners use VBK when they perform security transactions for VeriBlock-secured altchains (earning the secured altchain’s native coin in exchange).
how to get vbk introduction

Choose a Wallet

Before you acquire VBK, you’ll need a wallet to store them in. You can run a full node with a built-in wallet, an SPV (lightweight) wallet, a third-party wallet (like ZelCore, which is available on mobile and desktop), or hold you coins on an exchange that lists VBK. Once you have coins, you can transfer them to your Altchain PoP Miner (APM) wallet if you wish to PoP mine for other blockchains.

PoW Mine with Your GPU

Proof-of-Work mine with any modern GPU with 8+ GB of vRAM.

PoP Mine with Bitcoin

Spend BTC in fees to secure VeriBlock to Bitcoin.

Trade on Exchanges

VeriBlock can be purchased on multiple exchanges.

View the up-to-date exchange list here:

Complete Bounties

A variety of bounties are available for community members to complete and earn VBK.

For more information, visit the bounties wiki page.