Securing the World's Blockchains Using Bitcoin

PoP securing 1 chain with a total MarketCap of
$ 9,000,000

Why Proof-of-Proof?

51% Security Protection

Protect your chain against double spends and 51% attacks.

Lightweight Mining

Introducing a new form of mining that anyone can participate in, using an open protocol that doesn’t require masternodes, federation, or elections.


Make Bitcoin more green by reusing its hashing power to secure the world’s blockchains.

Choose Your Wallet

Mobile (3rd Party)

Get started with a mobile wallet


SPV (Light Wallet):  Manage your balance and send VBK without downloading a full node. See More

Full Node: The full node daemon for VeriBlock. See More

GUI: Manage your wallets through a simple desktop interface (requires full node). See More

Offline CLI: Run a wallet without Internet or connection to NodeCore. See More

Get Started

Get Started Mining


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